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We believe that the body has an Innate Intelligence that wants us to thrive.  This intelligence uses the nervous system to orchestrate and coordinate the functions of every muscle, every organ, and every system in the body in order to achieve a state of harmony. Stress, pain and dis-ease can hinder this harmony, often leading to disease.

We are committed to helping your body feel more ease and clearing a path to greater healing. We recognize that the healing journey is not linear and hope to help you Discover the gifts in everyday challenges, Transform those challenges into opportunities for growth, Awaken to your highest potential, and Integrate your experiences to live life with greater ease and more connection. 

“The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine determines 

The shape, position, tension, and tone of your life.”


Donny Epstein, DC

Image by Joyce McCown
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Network Spinal is an evidence-based approach to well-being and body awareness. We work to help resolve spinal cord tension patterns which occur during times of physical, mental, emotional or chemical stress so that the body can experience greater ease and connection.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) was designed by Dr. Epstein, founder of Network Spinal, to be utilized in conjunction with Network Care. It helps to optimize and unveil the gifts that are masked by whatever stops you from fully healing; whether it be physical pain or a long standing habit that gets in the way of growth.


Learn more about Postural Neurology and how the eyes, spine, and vestibular system work together to keep you upright! It involves soft movements, creating natural impulses to the joints. 

Coming Soon!



Matt B.

I keep coming back because I feel so peaceful and at ease. When I feel the tension of ordinary life building inside of me, I see Drs. Matt and Allison. A session with them is like pushing a big reset button that affects every area of my life. It makes me more effective in my work and just makes me a more loving person.

Laura B.

I get a sense of well-being …and it definitely makes me more aware of my breathe…and breathing deeper! TRY IT … it may seem like nothing is happening at first, as it’s so subtle, but give it time…and listen to your body!

Eline G.

This morning I came in a bit grumpy, not feeling good. Dr. Matt did his magic… and suddenly I noticed my shoulders relax and my mood lifted. I feel much better now.



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